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Whitley Castle, Roman Fort

Work carried out by the Wheal Jane Laboratory has formed part of an ongoing research programme investigating the history of Whitley Castle.

Analysis of a rock found against a curb on a road near the headquarters building and Commander’s house of this Roman fort in conjunction with study by archaeological experts suggests that it has been in the condition in which it was found since before Roman times.

Jean Lunn, who is leading the research project, says “soldiers base at the fort were occupation troops out to find and use all the local resources in the area. It would be tempting to believe that our rock had been found by a local Roman prospector and brought in for evaluation.”

A talk to delegates at the Alston conference celebrating the diamond anniversary of the excavation of the fort (between 1957 and 1959) concluded, “I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Clifford Rice, the director of the Wheal Jane Laboratory, who spent time and effort on the project beyond the original remit, and ultimately refused to accept any payment for the work that he and his team had done.”

18th July 2017

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