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With each year that passes, the projects handled by our laboratory become ever more diverse and even strange. In recent times we have assessed and dealt with wartime munitions, chemicals discovered in the cellar of an 18th Century country house, analysed contaminated paint from a collapsed structure, pig slurry, diamonds, Egyptian sand and material from a Roman archaeological excavation, to name just a few.

In our more day to day work analysing samples for the mining industry, we are pleased to have been employed by virtually every mining and mineral project in Cornwall and Devon, including those endeavouring to search for and extract tin once again, as well as tungsten and more recently lithium. On the international scene, our clients are as always searching for gold, but also platinum group metals in response to increasing demand for electronics and a growing range of industrial applications.

Our world map which plots countries from which we have received analytical work has recently been further extended to include Finland, Sweden, Germany, Greenland, Romania, Peru, Uganda, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, China and Malta. More recently, increasing amounts of work have been arriving from South American countries and even the USA.

Our link with the Department of International Trade (mining and minerals division) through the company’s membership of the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA) has resulted in delegates from South American embassies visiting Wheal Jane. Acting as hosts on behalf of the CMA, visitors representing Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Peru were able to meet CMA members. Some took the opportunity to see mining analysis taking place in the Wheal Jane Laboratory before returning to London.

9th October 2018

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