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Variety is the spice of laboratory life!

If you were asked what the following have in common – charcoal, paint, pen tops, socks, rubber seals, cow slurry, gold teeth, fish waste, cider, printed circuit boards, estuary mud, sapphires, brine, apple puree and ceramic conductors – the answer would be . . . just a few of the things Wheal Jane Laboratory has been asked to analyse in the past twelve months. Add to this all the normal mining and environmental samples, cores, concentrates and effluents, and you get some idea of the wide variety of challenges that face a niche analytical laboratory.

When it comes to where our work originates, there is also an increasingly global variety of customers. 2019 saw work from many parts of Africa, China, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The variety of analytical requests and global clients requires just as many methods and techniques. The traditional wet chemistry is back up by instrumentation such as AAS, ICP, XRF and various others to analyse for base metals, rare earth elements, battery elements and precious metals, including of course gold, and not just from teeth! Variety indeed.

11th November 2019

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