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The Lithium Rush

Lepidolite Specimen

Following our news item in September, the global interest in lithium continues to develop, fuelled no doubt by government promises of support for the development and use of electric vehicles confirmed in yesterday’s budget. The use of lithium batteries in electric vehicles is driving manufacturers to ever greater lengths to ensure their future supply of the metal. Amid fears that producers may not be able to fulfill down line commitments for the metal, the latest trend among manufacturers is the purchase of pre-mined lithium – that is lithium which is still in the ground. All a clear demonstration of just how important the element is becoming.

When the necessary new sources are found, huge investment is required to reach extraction, and that investment relies on accurate and reliable analysis. The Wheal Jane Laboratory is well placed to provide this analysis to the mining world through its extensive experience in lithium analysis, developed over a decade of helping clients in South America, Europe and Asia as well as in the UK.

The laboratory has now become a world leader in lithium analysis, now using not only industry standard methods but also methods developed in-house.

23rd November 2017

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