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Prospects of Mining in Cornwall Growing Stronger?

As often seems to be the case the mining industry is once again bucking the general economic trend.  Throughout the past 4 years when we have seen so much doom and gloom the mining and minerals industry has experienced steady growth.  Rising metal prices on the world markets are fuelling higher levels of activity than have been seen for some considerable time.  Whilst for the past 14 years Cornwall’s mining and minerals industry has been based mainly on the huge pool of knowledge and expertise that the county holds there are once again encouraging signs that mining itself may return to Cornwall.  Apart from progress being made at South Crofty and Hemadon there are signs of other activity and interest in mining opportunities in Cornwall and Devon.  This all represents good news for Wheal Jane and the local expertise and services which are available on the doorstep.  Many will be watching with interest as the projects move forward and long may they and Conrwall’s worldwide reputatin in the whole field of mining and minerals continue.

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