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May 2013

Further Laboratory Expansion Nears Completion

The latest re-organisation and expansion of the Wheal Jane Laboratory has created new wet room and sample reception areas.  The dedicated wet room will further expand the laboratory’s capability for water analysis related to a variety of applications.  The creation of a second sample reception area improves sample handling and tracking.

Analytical Equipment Upgrades

Wheal Jane Laboratory is delighted to have taken delivery in the past week of a number of new uprated analytical instruments.  A new Epsilon 3 XL (EDXRF) will improve the laboratories capability considerably.  The new instrument is up to 10 times more powerful and twice as fast as the one it replaces and includes the new Omnion software.  The new model is also capable of analysing a wider range of elements particularly lighter elements.

The laboratory has also received two new Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 atomic absorption spectrometers.  These latest models bring increased accuracy and detection limits.

The equipment upgrades and improvements to facilities at the laboratory continue to ensure that we provide the very best services to our clients worldwide.

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