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Latest News – March 2016

test goldWheal Jane’s experience in metal analysis, refining and even smelting has been put to good use in the past with projects such as supplying the Royal Mint with tin for the bronze medals in the 2012 London Olympics to extracting platinum group metals from electronic-waste (e-waste).

In particular, the laboratory’s experience with gold analysis of ores, slag, e-waste and even scrap jewellery has resulted in a unique knowledge base which is now being developed into several diverse business opportunities.

The laboratory has the capability to analyse gold to UKAS ISO 17025 standards for ores and geology samples (method M4), but can also carry out gold analysis by XRF and ICP-OES which means that every solution, residue and product in the process can be monitored during the extraction, recycling and refining stages, as well as end bullion determination, ensuring 100% recovery.

Gold has previously been separated as part of the analysis process involving e-waste. This has now been taken a stage further with the actual recovery and final processing of the gold into 24ct bullion in the form of ‘buttons’.

Old scrap jewellery that previously would have been left in drawers or sold for cash can now be taken through an entire process that results in any mixture of purities or even plated gold items being converted to 24ct gold that can then be made back into 9ct or 18ct bespoke jewellery. Not only does this give greatly enhanced financial value, but also the possibility of a unique connection with the original items if they have been inherited but are no longer fashionable or suitable for present day use.

14th March 2016

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