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Latest News – April 2017

The laboratory has recently processed its 100,000th sample logged into the management system since unique numbering was adopted as part of the UKAS accreditation process. The milestone sample was a Scotgold carbon sample submitted for ashing and gold recovery as part of the ongoing toll treatment of concentrate from the Cononish mine near Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Latest newsOn a more global scale, recent work has come from every continent. Some of this has been as diverse as gold and platinum analysis from the Philippines, potentially new mineral identification in the Congo, and closer to home we had been undertaking environmental water sample testing down to ppb levels from South Crofty mine just a few miles away!

The water sample testing from South Crofty included looking for lithium dissolved in mine water, as part of recent exploration interest in extracting this highly sought-after mineral used in the battery industry. Lithium is considered relatively rare, but is found all over the world at low levels, with the sea alone calculated to contain many billions of tonnes.

At present, brine pools in parts of North and South America are the main sources of lithium, but it is also found combined in various minerals such as granite pegmatites, normally at low levels, and mostly very difficult to extract. Only time will tell whether Cornwall becomes a global producer!

25th April 2017

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