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Recent new projects being processed by Wheal Jane Laboratory have come from an increasingly diverse range of sources.  Locally mining and environmental project work has come from Cornwall and Devon, as well as Wales, the North of England and Ireland.  Further afield geological exploration material has come from Central and West Africa, with mineral processing and trades services samples from  Greenland, Germany, Serbia, India, Thailand, Morocco and the Dominion Republic.

The Laboratory has just commissioned the latest Hach Lange DR3900 spectrophotometer and LT200 digestion unit to supplement the existing Xion 500.  The new instrument will be used in environmental water and effluent analysis to extend the capability and range of determinations available to clients.

The latest series of international round robin inter laboratory testing has been successfully completed.  This is coordinated by the Australian organisation Geostats, and forms part of the routine laboratory external quality control process.

20th May 2014

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