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Historic Scottish Gold

010Wheal Jane Laboratory’s ability to not only analyse gold to the highest UKAS 17025 standards, but also to extract it from everything from electronic waste and scrap jewellery to gold ores and concentrates has been well documented.

The latest development has seen a combination of the above capabilities producing something of true mining and historical interest. After analysing gold ore and concentrate samples for a mining exploration company in Scotland, a quick calculation revealed just how much gold was contained in the samples. After consulting with the client to obtain agreement, the remaining bulk samples were leached to extract the gold. This was then separated from the other minerals present, precipitated, fired off and cupilated to produce a 5g button of pure 24ct gold.

The client was so pleased with the result that their senior geologist was flown down from Scotland and back in one day so the gold button could be used in a presentation the following day. This button is the first pure gold produced in Scotland from a commercial mining operation.

15th September 2016

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