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Wheal Jane Laboratory offers solution to environmental mining issue

Mining and the processing of mined material, including gold ores and concentrates, in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty has long been an environmental issue. Conflicts between financial and environmental priorities have often restricted exploration and development of small projects and operations that could be beneficial to local communities in terms of job creation and wealth generation.

Wheal Jane Laboratory, in association with other organisations based at the Wheal Jane Earth Science Park, is looking at ways to process gold concentrates at one long established mining location. This means that environmentally sensitive mineral processing techniques such as bulk leaching can be carried out away from areas with restrictions, on a toll basis with no risk to local areas.

Wheal Jane Laboratory already has the ability to process gold concentrates and waste into 24ct gold bars or buttons, and therefore the whole refining process can be carried out on site at Wheal Jane with the final pure gold product simply returned to the client. The Added Value of gold from locations such as Wales and Scotland means this small scale toll processing is not just advantageous environmentally but is also cost effective. Already in 2016 gold ores and concentrates have been sent from Scotland and Wales for testing and processing, with interest expressed from several potential clients.

19th April 2016

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